The children choir "Jitrenka" - The Morning Star, is well known today and has a long tradition over 50 years old. It was created from an original folk music group in the year 1952. Now the choir is attended by 170 children who are divided into 4 sections. Its also one of the largest choirs in South Bohemia of Czech Republic. Divided as following: two preparation choirs age groups 5-8 y.o and 8-10 y.o., the main Concert Choir ( age 10-15 y.o.) and a youth choir - Puellae noty strom1Budvicienses, followed by youth of the age 16-19.y.o. The repertoire of the choir embraces the periods from Renaissance and Baroque to contemporary music. The children choir "Jitrenka" is cooperating with the South Bohemian State opera theater in Ceske Budejovice and also performing together with The South Bohemian Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra and Czech Radio. The choir has realized a lot of concerts, radio recordings and some TV shows. Except of other activities "Jitrenka" gave concerts in all European countries (except Romania). The art of the choir was admired also in Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, England and U.S.A.